Rules for completing the questionnaire

How correctly to fill in your questionnaire for participation in the lottery Green Card?

Full Name

You must indicate your name in English, exactly as it is written in the passport. The surname and name of your spouse, wife, children are also filled in English. Father's name is optional.

Date of Birth

Indicates in the format: day-month-year, dd-mm-yy.

Country and city of birth

Indicate only the country of birth and the city. The address of residence should be indicated in the section "Address of residence".


It indicates only the completed education and its level, i.e. average, medium-special, higher, etc.

Family status

Marital status single / unmarried is indicated only in the absence of previous marriages.

Number of children under 21 years

Indicate all children under the age of 21 who are not US residents and do not have their own family (ie wife / husband). You need to specify your own children, as well as children from past marriages of the spouse.

Contact Information.

You must specify an email address, the phone is best left not only home, but also mobile. Try to specify the address where you plan to stay for the next 6 months. Specify the exact address of residence, even if it is a village, village, kishlak, mahalla. The name of the street, the number of the house, the apartment should also be indicated.


The photo must be executed as a document, i.e. single (not group) picture on a light background. Group photos and amateur photos (on the nature, on the beach, with sights, etc.) will not be accepted. Photos of small children can be amateur, you can on a white background, the main thing is to see the face.

Information about the spouse

Surname, first name (middle name is optional) date, country and city of birth, photo.

Information about the children.

Surname, first name, (middle name is optional) date, country and city of birth, photo.

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