The DV LOTTERY answer date has been cancelled. When will the winners of the DV LOTTERY 2021 be announced?

What happened to 5th of May? On the 5th of May participants of the dv lottery eagerly wanted to check the results of the 2021 including the Uzbeks. However all were in despair because of the pandemic situation which has hit the whole world the date of the announcement has been delayed for a month.

The USA department declared that the results of the Green Card lottery 2021 will be announced on the 6 th of June 2020. It also has been included that the postponement of the results will not affect on the schedule of the interview.

But what will happen to the process for the residence? It has become clear that nothing has been changed and the process with winner will start on October 1st in 2020.

Are you aware of the fact that annually about 10 million people take part in Green Card Lottery. However only 50 thousand of them can obtain green card. You can know the results of the lottery in the official site and you can also ask from us. It is completely free of charge and we will be happy to help you.

We would like to remind you the fact that winning the lottery is not a visa. After the winning the lottery you must compile the form DS-260 and other forms, gather other documents, go through medical checkup, go to the interview and go to the USA to get your green card.

If you were unable to participate in Green Card lottery last year, this year might be your chance. This year in autumn green card lottery will be opened again. To compile your application we might help you. In this link you might use to compile your application form in Uzbek in Russian and our professionals will translate your application into English and will send this on time.

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