10 pieces of advice how to learn the English language effectively

1. To begin with, forget about the idea that foreign language should be learned at the early age. The recent survey shows that the people in their middle ages as well as in the old ages can also learn any knowledge as efficiently as the youngsters do.

2. You think that you have bad memory and you are unable to learn huge texts? But are you aware the fact that understanding the quarter of the written text is enough to understand 25% of the used words. However, to understand 50% of the context it is just enough to know only 100 words. Exciting? Let’s continue.

3. Not having enough time. Majority of the adult claim that they have no time for this. However to obtain English language the most essential fact is to keep the size of the knowledge not the hours. It is proven that 30 minutes is enough to gain successful results.


Regular practice

4. You must have a certain kind of gadget which you use on a daily basis.Change its language into English and this will help you to learn a lot new words besides English will become a part of your life.

5. Again another very easy way, stick a paper on the objects with their names in English.

6. Listen enlish songs and learn their lyrics. Moreover, learn the meaning of the new words of those songs.

Broadening of your vocabulary lengh

7. Whenever you are looking up a new word from the dictionary immediately look up that word’s picture in the internet. This will help to visualize the word which encourage your memory to keep this word for longer period.

8. Besides while learning a new word it is important to learn its pronunciation with various apps or dictionaries by listening and repeating it.

9. Every day you should learn at least one word and by doing this in a year you will be able to learn 365 words and for speaking you just need about 250-300 words. You will see immediate results.

10. If you have already advanced in your learning, change your dictionary to the advanced one .

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