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The most frequently asked questions on the lottery "Green Card"

What is a Green Card Lottery?

This is a program that allows you to obtain the status of a US resident. In total, up to 55,000 visas are issued annually for immigrants of different nationalities in order to increase the cultural diversity of the US population. Thanks to immigrants, the country is provided with an influx of new experiences, and culture. Each nationality has contributed to the development of the United States. Acceptance of applications starts in October and lasts about a month. Check them until May next year. The Green Card Lottery is the most affordable way to obtain a visa in the US that does not require knowledge of English and special education.

What options does the Green Card give?
  • Live in any city in the US
  • Work
  • Own real estate
  • Study at a public school
  • Obtain a local driver's license
  • Benefits of medical care
  • Obtain social security benefits
How can I participate in the lottery?

Registration in the Green Card Lottery takes place through the website We ask you to be very careful when filling out the form. Errors in the last name or first name, date of birth, and other data may lead to disqualification.

For more information, please call: +998951234569

Is English language required to participate in the Green Card?

Knowledge of English is not necessary for participation in the lottery, but if you win, you will want to learn English.

How are the winners selected and what are my chances of winning?

Winners choose a special computer program, which, using a component called the "random number generator." At this point, each questionnaire is assigned a serial number. Then the check begins for compliance with the rules of the lottery. The process stops when the number of visas is exhausted. A total of approximately 50,000 visas are issued, no country can receive more than 7%.

How soon can I leave after winning the drawing?

Winning the Green Card does not guarantee you a visa. Our specialists are ready to assist you in the speedy preparation of documents for obtaining a visa and prepare you for the interview at the American Embassy. But first of all you will need to pass an interview with an American lawyer who can help you navigate, prepare and teach you behavior in the embassy, ​​tell you how to behave properly when talking in the US embassy. Serious attitude to the interview is the key to successful visa obtaining. So here you can not do without our support. You can leave about a week after the interview. Within 6 months, you need at least once to cross the US border, so that your case for issuing a green card is started. The visa itself will be issued to you in the United States. If within 6 months you do not cross the US border, your visa will be canceled.

How do I know if I won a Green Card?

In the middle of May the winners of the draw will be announced. Verification and confirmation of all lists of winners will be completed by the end of May. Accordingly, starting from this time our specialists will contact you by phone or any other information provided in your application.

Can I participate if I do not have an education?

The minimum education for participation in the lottery is a certificate of graduation from 11 classes of the school or a college diploma. If your education is lower, then you can not participate in the drawing yourself, but only in the questionnaire of the spouse, in case he / she has an education.

Can I give my green card winnings?

No, the Green Card can not be donated or issued to another person. Only you and members of your family can win a visa: a husband / wife and children (up to 21 years).

Can I register twice in the Green Card Lottery twice or more?

According to the rules of the lottery, you can apply only once. If you accidentally or intentionally send your application form repeatedly, your registration will be excluded from the lottery. Every year during the lottery, each participant can register only once. In case you do not win the drawing, you can also participate in the lottery in the following years.

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